We recommend all off-road cycling enthusiasts the new enduro trails in the vicinity of the Sport complex Klíny, in the beautiful Erzgebirge countryside. The blue and red trails leading through the forest to the Mostecká Dam will surely be loved by every endurista. The trails are designed, built and maintained by Tomáš Trunschka, Ondřej Málek and Josef Schiller + their team of helpers.


It is the easiest trail so far, which winds through the beech forest since its start on Cloud Hill. The trail is passable for most experienced cyclists. The start of the trail is very similar in flow to the first half of the Dam Trail, but it is not followed by a technical passage. The trail descends in a similar profile up to the dam. At the bottom passage it is possible to turn onto our most difficult Shorty trail.


Trail named after the Genoa Dam, where the destination of other trails is also located. Its start is on Cloud Hill. In the initial half, the trail can be characterized as a smooth single track in beech trees, which is constantly accelerating and thus gaining momentum. After crossing into the birch forest, the trail turns into a moderately technical trail, which is, however, passable at a slow speed for most experienced cyclists. At the end of the trail, you are refreshed by crossing a mountain stream and then braking at the mouth of the Genoa Dam.


It is our hardest and shortest trail, with a few boulders in the way. The trail doesn’t need much description, you can see for yourself. It is necessary to mention that in case of rainy weather the rocky passages can be harder to ride.


Its name was inspired by the deer, which often roam the slopes of the Janov Dam.  The start in the birch forest can be categorized as a flow trail, there is no harm in stepping on it occasionally. About halfway through, the trail breaks and the biker descends the steep slope to the dam. The trail is passable for most cyclists and contains no technically challenging passages.


A climbing and connecting trail that will test not only your technique but also your fitness. It starts at the Klíny Sportshall and leads you to the start of the trails on Cloud Hill. Who can complete it without stepping on the ground?


The longest trail in our park starts just like Ethylene and Deer. After the upper passage in the birch forest, which is also common for Deer, it turns to the left and descends to Litvínov (Hamr district). The trail is set up to be passable for most bikers, even with XC equipment. The difficulty of the trail could be categorized as “Blue”, we chose the green color because it is a link between city life and the natural trail park in the heart of the Ore Mountains.


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